5 Home Appliances That May Cause Water Damage

Water damage following a flood or heavy rain is not shocking for house owners. However, the feeling of betrayal is real when you come home seeing a few of your trusted household appliances causing water damage. Naturally, no one would ever want this to happen to their home, but several home appliances require a water connection to function.

Looking around your house and inspecting these appliances from time to time is essential. While these appliances may be incredibly valuable and helpful for your family and home, they could be disaster-prone when not taken care of regularly or if their time comes to an end and you delay replacing them. Now, let us tackle the common appliances that can cause water damage.

Household Appliances That May Cause Leakers

It’s a homeowner’s responsibility to understand the hazards of household appliances that can cause water leakages and damage. So below are the five usual culprits of flooding and water damage at home.

1. Washing Machines

The normal life expectancy of washing machines is 5-15 years, depending on their brand and maintenance. Do not neglect it if you notice your washing machine leaking. If you are seeing leaks or clamps around the water hose, this signifies a future failure. This is why monthly inspecting your water hoses is important to keep track of leaks, washing machine rusting, and cracks to prevent water damage in your house.

Despite how exceptional or strong the hoses look, you must change them every five years. Also, always look for your washing machine, as this may cause home fires. Keep your washing machine’s circuitries and other appliances regularly maintained. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact restoration contractors should these appliances cause significant fire damage to your home.

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2. Hot water heaters

Water heaters with storage tanks are vulnerable to mineral buildup, corrosion, and age-related wear, leading to leakages or tank bursts that can cause gallons of water to flood your floor. A yearly examination of hot water heaters and changing them every 10 years can help reduce water damage concerns.

3. Dishwashers

It’s not shocking to see the dishwasher on this list. However, it deserves a spot here. Dishwashers are most likely culprits. They can create substantial damage before they get found. Many dishwashing machines run the whole night or when everybody is out and busy for the day, giving the leaked water sufficient time to mess up the cabinets and floor coverings.

To decrease the chance of kitchen flood, routinely inspect the connections and water lines, and use steel braided hoses rather than rubber. Also, do not hesitate to call remediation experts if your house has water damage. However, if the damage is not that serious, it is still important to have it repaired by them to prevent it from worsening. You may check the websites like puroclean.com to see the services commonly offered by most restoration companies.

4. Refrigerators

The development of modern fridges forever changed human eating practices. Foods can now be kept for longer durations without spoiling. However, these fridges have water and refrigerants that may leak eventually, which can cause damage to your home.

5. Sump pumps

The life expectancy of sump pumps is usually around ten years, which can be affected by the acidity or dirtiness of the water in a place. Additionally, sump pumps may fail for numerous factors and can lead to dreadful scenarios, including flooding the room directly above the sump pump.