Boarding: Get Your Pet Ready

Several pet owners feel guilty about boarding their pet dogs while away on a trip. If this is exactly how you think, you’re undoubtedly bothered by how homesick and scared your pet dog will certainly be when he’s separated from you and placed in a foreign atmosphere.

You shouldn’t be worried since dogs that stay at good boarding kennels get the opportunity to interact with other pets that resemble themselves, which is something they never get to do in your home. They have extra fun, get affection, and have a comfy nest to sleep in, so they return home delighted and tired dogs.

Preparations for Pet Dog Boarding

If this is your pet’s first time far from you for more than a few days, kennel boarding might be a frightening experience for you and your pet. Before leaving your dog at a boarding center, you can do a couple of things to prepare him for the experience.

1. Opt for a trial run.

Before leaving vacationing, it may be wise to give your pet dog a trial run in the care of the facility where they’ll be staying. Doggy daycare is readily available at some boarding centers, so attempt to bring your pet there a few times for the day. To assist your pet dog in adjusting to their new atmosphere and behavior, make an overnight boarding appointment and plan on leaving them for at least 24-hour. This also allows the boarding staff to be familiar with your pet dog before you go, so they’ll be better prepared for any strange behaviors your pet dog may have.

2. Provide your pet dog with everyday items.

Although many pet boarding places have all the conveniences, nothing defeats the smell and feel of things from home. Many boarding facilities located and connected with pet hospital in Dallas, TN, accept small home products, such as a blanket or rug, that may make your pet’s stay much more positive. 

These products will certainly make your pet feel extra comfy, safe, and secure in the new setup, which will lead to a better experience while they are boarded.

3. Do not overfeed your pet.

Enjoyment may have unfavorable effects on a dog’s digestion system. Your dog might get indigestion if he becomes energetic or anxious in unfamiliar scenarios. Numerous pet owners overfeed their pets before putting them in a kennel because they intend to show their dogs how much they care. This is not a great idea at all. If anything, you must feed your dog less than typical to keep his stomach in excellent working order.

Before leaving, you need to learn about a veterinary dentist and its services. Maintaining your pet orally healthy is one step toward monitoring your pet’s overall wellness.

4. Make sure pet vaccinations are up to date.

Dogs that have been fully immunized may be boarded at a kennel. You can not simply bring your pet to the veterinarian the day before the vaccinations are due and expect the kennel to permit your dog. Many kennels demand that a pet dog be immunized at least two weeks before arrival in facilities specializing in pet vaccinations in Dallas, given that injections take time. 

Shots for parainfluenza, kennel cough, leptospirosis, distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis are usually required.

5. Send your pet dog for socialization training.

One of the most praiseworthy elements of boarding your dog in a kennel is the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. Pets that are maintained as pet dogs seldom reach connect with other animals. Before boarding, upgrading your pet’s socialization skills is an excellent idea to ensure he does not freak out when he meets several new canines.