Factors that Make a Good Pet Boarding Center

Pet owners should not be surprised to fear being separated from their animals, even on a prepared and highly expected journey. Some pet owners attempt to organize their trips around where their pet is allowed to go, but even this may be unpleasant for both pet and owner, and it can badly limit travel options.

Boarding centers for canines, where they may get the attention and care they require to be happy and healthy while their owners are away, are the ideal alternative.

Qualities of a Top Boarding Facility for Pets

When picking a dog or cat boarding for your pet, you are most likely rather selective. This is perfectly appropriate considering that your pickiness guarantees that all of your pet’s requirements are met, permitting you to rest particular that they are protected, healthy, and content. Think about the following attributes of a premier pet boarding center:


Even pets who are well taken care of throughout their owner’s absence might still try to find their owners due to their strong attachment. It is vital that the center they are kept be safe, with strong run dividers, fences, and gates to prevent getting away by climbers, diggers, and jumpers. Cats should never be permitted to wander freely in an open enclosure.


It is improbable that any pet might feel as secure and comfy at a pet boarding facility as they do at home. Some elements of the facility might assist in taking full advantage of comfort and security. This makes up durable partitions between cages or runs that provide pets with privacy, non-slip surface areas, and the absence of harmful chemicals, sharp products, and other threats.


Any reputable boarding center shall be without accumulated filth, excrement, parasites, and unpleasant smells. This is accomplished by the use of strict sanitation approaches and strong disinfectants.

Medical Care

At all times, boarding centers ought to provide extraordinary healthcare and veterinary dentistry for pets, consisting of:

  • The center may supply premium food for boarders; however, it prevails for you to be asked to offer your pet’s food to lessen the pain usually brought on by dietary modifications.
  • Idealistically, your pet will not require medical treatment while you’re away; however, it’s finest to be safe than sorry. Some boarding facilities have a dog surgeon in Hermitage on-site during regular business hours to offer necessary treatment for boarders.
  • All boarded animals need vaccinations for pets, rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, and bordetella. Rabies panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and pneumonitis for cats.

If a pet in boarding is on a medication regimen, the center needs to have the ability to deliver the prescription as advised. As a result, boarding centers may decline dogs with serious medical conditions and programs for their safety and the defense of other boarded pets.


Some of the most popular indicators of professionalism at a top boarding facility are an employee who is well dressed and truly thinking about the pet dogs they take care of. A boarding contract that describes the owner’s rights and the facility’s commitments is offered.


Verifying the qualities discussed above of a top boarding center is essential, but ultimately, you will understand whether a facility is perfect for you and your pet. You will notice the personnel’s genuine issues for canines and their owners and know their training and knowledge enable them to provide the highest quality care.