Most companies can significantly improve their cost and quality by going the unusual route and saying goodbye to costly, proprietary IT platforms and solutions. Our IT management consulting has saved our customers approximately EUR 50 million in IT costs over the last two years! Nonetheless, businesses are still hesitant to abandon proven products and what they believe is a secure path.

As a result, they do not experiment with new approaches, such as an IT strategy based on open, scalable, and cost-effective platforms. The dread of making poor investment decisions is overwhelming. Thanks to our Future IT strategy, we find optimization potential and minimize implementation risks on the client end. We protect opportunities. Several successful initiatives have demonstrated the feasibility of this notion.

Our IT Strategy Consulting assists you in reaching your goals.


Wherever convergent systems are used, resources are automatically used more efficiently. This, among many other advantages, allows for increased flexibility and reusability.


Wherever new ideas are adopted more quickly and easily and time-to-market is significantly reduced, the road for a company’s creativity and innovation is apparent. This is the most crucial way to success.


Open, interoperable designs have huge savings potential: Because of the high level of reusability and convergence, testing and development costs are decreased.


For several projects, we’ve shown that investing in a Future IT project pays off quickly: the ROI has ranged from 5 to 11 months. A proof of concept from the beginning adds clarity.


Working more efficiently using standards and templates and a high level of system convergence results in minimal friction losses, less training effort, more time saved, and more team power.


Clarity is provided through clearly defined structures and convergent technology. Defined standards and processes continually make room for new optimization opportunities. The IT infrastructure is mapped and navigable.

Future IT: Comprehensive, integrated optimization of your IT shop

Our Future IT strategy consulting approach consists of methods and techniques for conducting a thorough examination of your IT shop and optimizing processes. This entails considering the IT infrastructure, application landscape, architecture, IT management, and business processes. 

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In the case of Future IT, we assess the entire IT shop or focus on specific crucial aspects. Following the study, we develop, implement, and test the plan of action for cost reduction and making IT architectures more open, adaptable, interoperable, and future-ready. This is full IT strategy consulting from an expert.

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