Preventing Dog Accidental Injuries

The value of life can’t be overstated. We are always looking for new methods that allow us to expand and enhance your life. Pets not only improve our lives by providing us with the company of a pet and affection that’s non-conditional, but they also play a vital role in maintaining our health.

Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe From Injuries

Unexpected accidents are a part of the reality, which is part of living, but they’re inevitable. Even while there is no solution to prevent these injuries completely – they are an outcome of accidents – there are some things that you can take to lessen the chances that your dog is a victim of them. Here is a top list of the most commonly occurring serious, unintentional injuries at veterinarian Santa Barbara that canines sustain and some preventative measures you may take.

Hit by a Car

It’s hard to know how many dogs are hit by vehicles each year, but it’s likely in thousands. Surviving dogs may have damaged bone, internal bleeding, and soft tissue injury. Common injuries are the spinal cord and the head. With this, keep your dog off the streets and driveway traffic to prevent accidents with cars. A gated yard or leash can be used. Develop these significant behaviors and reinforce them through regular puppy training classes. A well-trained dog who reacts positively to “come” and “heel” is less likely to dash into the road and be hit.

Car Crash

Everyone loves traveling on planes, vehicles, bikes, or even golf carts with their pets. Car accidents may injure pets. Even at a low speed, the crash is very destructive for the dog (and any passengers). The dog can become a target that could injure itself or others in the vehicle. Before driving with your dog, be sure they’re in a harness, a carrier, or a box. Never ride with your pet on your lap or on a shotgun seat, as airbags can hurt or even kill them.

Fall From Heights

As dogs aren’t as quick as cats, falls are common. The fall can cause sprains and fractured bones, brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, etc. Small dogs may be injured by jumping off of the bed or sofa. Install a baby gate if your dog can’t utilize the stairs due to injury or age. Be sure that elevated decks and porches can’t slip onto the deck railing. Small dogs can access beds and sofas with the ramp or stairs.

Cruciate Ligament Injury

CCL, just like the ACL in humans, stabilizes the knee of dogs. A ruptured CCL is a common dog injury that may cause discomfort and lameness. The treatment and rest of the dog could cure the problem, but a vet surgeon is typically the only solution for the long term. CCL injuries are commonplace in larger breeds of dogs, such as labradors, golden retrievers, german shepherd canines, and overweight, inactive pets, so make sure that your dog’s weight is checked through proper nutrition and exercise.

Veterinarian Visits

Injuries and incidents like those mentioned above require a visit to the veterinarian, possibly even the emergency vet. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, your pet may be in agony because dogs are bred to hide their discomfort. When it comes to the health of the most intimate furry acquaintances, it’s better to be cautious than regret it. For more information, you may visit